Human Hair Wig

Experienced wig wearers who prefer natural hair units already know that summer is becoming a real challenge for them as well.

On the one hand, when else do you get to experiment with new images? However, on the other hand, you have to pay a price for it, and your own comfort will be that very price. The sensations of a real hair wig in warm weather are about the same as if you were wearing a knitted beanie or a fur hat. As a result, you do not only suffer from the wet and sweaty scalp and itching, but also from serious damage that you cause to the wig. Its strands can change texture and shade under the influence of the sun, and besides, it can lose volume and shape. The only thing that you can do in this case is thrown it away.

Does this mean that you will have to give up natural hair units for the summer or wear them only in cool and air-conditioned places? Don’t worry, there’s no need to limit yourself! Experienced stylists are already here to give some useful tips that will allow you to keep the wig voluminous, luxurious, and fresh even in the hot summer months without sacrificing your own convenience.

Experiment with a Lighter Color

If you were more or less diligent when studying physics at school, then now you probably know that dark surfaces absorb heat, while light ones reflect it. The laws of the universe also work with wigs. If you decide to turn into a hot brunette by wearing the appropriate wig, then you may feel cooked as soon as you appear in the open sun.

For fans of blonde curls, things may seem much easier because they don’t get as much heat. However, it is not necessary to choose a hairstyle as white as snow. Just lighten your wig by a few shades and enjoy greater comfort and freshness.

Give Yourself a Fresh Summer Look

We have already discussed the summer as a time for experiments. So take your chance to give a closer look at the styling that you haven’t tried before.

First of all, you should pay more attention to hairstyles that expose the neck, because you will feel more refreshed and cool in this case. If you have always wanted to see how short haircuts look on you, try on the appropriate wigs; a bob or a pixie will come in handy. However, if you would not agree to part with your long strands for anything in the world, just braid one or two braids or put them in a high ponytail or a bun. This way, you will sweat less and your wig will need less washing.

In addition, by braiding the natural hair of your wig, you can avoid using flat and curling irons that may dry it out. And this is an extra bonus, isn’t it?

Protect Your Wig from Direct Sunlight

The idea of not going out in the sun in summer wearing a natural hair wig may seem absurd to you, and we hasten to reassure you – it is really absurd. We do not urge you to lock yourself at home waiting for cloudy weather. Of course, you can walk your wig, but do it wisely.

In fact, sunlight affects wigs made of natural hair the same way it affects your own hair. They can fade out and lose color, become dry and brittle, or thin out at the ends. And if you can restore and cure your own hair, then it won’t work with a wig anyway. You may well wear the unit on sunny days, but at the same time, take precautions.

We give you a stylish hint: a charming wide-brimmed hat or a light silk or chiffon headscarf worn over a wig will protect it from UV rays and allow you to look classy. And you can choose a headband wig to avoid using glue or gel to give your scalp relaxation.

Clean and Moisturize

If you are an experienced wig wearer, you will definitely guess what we mean here. Summer is the hottest time of the year, so it’s impossible to avoid sweating when you’re wearing a wig. Sweat is very dangerous for products made of natural human hair because it can damage them irrevocably. Be patient for the summer, because you will wash your wig very often this season. One to three times a week is perfect, but if you don’t have time at all, you should definitely carve out minutes for at least four washes a month, otherwise, you will regret your neglect later.

Besides freshness, washing a wig in the summer is especially important from the point of view of hygiene. Water and a special shampoo will help remove sweat and remnants of styling products.

However, water procedures seem to be not enough for your natural hair wig. Choose a good conditioner and moisturize the strands of your unit every time after shampooing. A professional product will keep them shiny, soft, and silky and protect them from tangling.

If we are talking about the entanglement of the wig, then now we should mention the correct combing of the item. Do it very carefully and only when the strands are dry, because wet hair is more vulnerable, and you can easily damage them.

Never Dive in a Wig

Wigs are not very good companions for diving in the pool, sea, or lake. Firstly, salted or chlorinated water can dry out or spoil the hair, and secondly, any liquid, even fresh, can damage the lace of your HD lace wig. Take it off before diving into the sea or pool, and if this is impossible, protect your hairstyle with a bathing cap or lift and fix the hair on the top of your head. If you want to dive, then there will be no alternative here: you have to put your wig off anyway.

Store Your Wigs in a Cool, Dry Place

The durability of your wig depends not only on its original quality and compliance with the rules of wearing but also on how carefully you store it. Remember that direct sunlight and dampness are the worst enemies of the accessory, and therefore there should be neither one nor the other in the place where you leave it.

The cabinet, shelf, or room where your wig is located should be dry and cool. If you like variety and have several accessories, place them at some distance from each other. Take them out of the packaging and place them on the stands to preserve their volume and shine.

Whatever your summer, there is absolutely no reason to give up wigs that give you new images every day. Yes, human hair care requires a little more effort, but trust us when we say it’s worth it. If you live in non-stop mode and don’t have a second free, we would recommend synthetic wigs to you. They are more practical and do not require as much attention, but at the same time, they are no less spectacular.