The International Institute of Information Technology and Management, Jaipur offered a postgraduate program Advanced Diploma in Information Technology and System Management (ADITSM). The ADITSM is helpful for managers who want to obtain knowledge of managing IT systems across the organization.

ADITSM Course Information

The ADITSM course is designed to help students learn about the infrastructure and tools used by cyber investigators. The course covers topics such as incident response, forensics, malware analysis, and social engineering. The course is offered as a self-paced online course.

The ADITSM course offers several benefits to students who take it. First, it helps students learn how to use the necessary tools and technologies in the cyber investigation field. Second, it provides a comprehensive understanding of the different areas of cyber investigation. Third, it teaches students how to work together as a team in order to solve complex investigations. Finally, the ADITSM course provides an opportunity for students to develop their skills in managing digital evidence and conducting investigations.

To enroll in the ADITSM course, students must first register online at The duration of ADITSM course is six weeks long and includes around 40 hours of video lectures and 40 hours of online practice exercises. Students are able to continue learning after completing the six-week course by enrolling in one of ADITSM’s continuing education courses or by attending one of ADITSM’s live events.

Admission Criteria

University and cover are set topics such as previous coursework, language skills, TOEFL score, and grades for Aditsm Admission Criteria. Applicants are required to submit a writing sample and two letters of recommendation.

Applicants must also meet all of the University’s eligibility requirements including being a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, having completed high school or equivalent, and have achieved a minimum GPA of 2.75 in prerequisite courses.

Faculty Members

ADITSM is a course that provides participants with an overview of the contemporary digital advertising industry. The course covers topics such as the history of digital advertising, methods used to target consumers, and current trends in the industry. Additionally, ADITSM provides participants with the opportunity to develop marketing campaigns for a fictitious company.

Courses Offered

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The course typically costs $495 per person, but some providers offer discounts for students and veterans.

Who is eligible to enroll in ADITSM?

Students are eligible to enroll in ADITSM who are interested in working in the textile industry. This course is ideal for students who have a background in engineering or design. However, students without a technical background can still enroll in the course if they are willing to learn about digital imaging and textiles production.

What are the benefits of taking ADITSM?

The benefits of taking ADITSM include learning about digital imaging and textiles production. Students will also gain knowledge about different manufacturing processes and how to use software to produce textile products. This course is ideal for those who want to work in the textile industry or those who want to update their skillset.

ADITSM: A Brief Overview of the Course

The Advanced Diploma in Information Technology (ADITSM) is a two-year course that covers a wide range of information technology skills. This course provides students with the ability to work effectively within computers and software, as well as develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The ADITSM program offers a variety of courses that cover different areas of information technology. These courses include computer usage, web design, programming, networking, and data management. In addition to these core courses, students can also elect to take additional courses in business administration or information security.

Program admission requirements for the ADITSM are strict and include Previous Education in an applicable area such as computing, business administration, or information security; evidence of adequate mathematical skills; and English language proficiency. Once accepted into the program, students must maintain a minimum GPA throughout their studies in order to be eligible for graduation.

Long Term Courses

The course covers topics such as user interface design and layout, database development, and advanced graphics programming.

The ADITSM course is offered through Coursera, and it is available in two formats: a self-paced format that allows students to complete the course at their own pace and a hybrid format that combines self-paced study with live online lectures. Students can register for the self-paced format on Coursera’s website. The other way is they can join a class that is currently in progress.

ADITSM is one of Coursera’s most popular courses, with over 1,500 students enrolled in the latest version of the course. The majority of students in ADITSM are from countries in North America and Europe. There is also a significant number of students from Asia and Australia. The average rating for this course on Coursera is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Fee Structure

The Course focuses on developing information technology skills in students. This course provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain experience in various IT domains. The opportunity is system administration, networking, systems development, software development, database administration, and security. The Course syllabus covers topics such as computer architecture, Operating Systems, Networking Technologies & Protocols, Database Management Systems, etc.

The Fee Structure for the ADITSM course is as follows:
Fee Structure for ADITSM 2018-19
Semester 1: Rs 8500/-
Semester 2: Rs 12000/-