Whoville is a beloved children’s book series about the inhabitants of Whoville. Despite its age (the first book was published in 1951), the series has remained popular for generations, thanks in part to its lovable characters. Each character has a unique story behind them, which we’ve collected here in one place. From Constable George to the Witch of the Wood, read on to learn more about each character and their backstory.

How Whoville Got its Name

Whoville is a fictional town in the world of “The Office” created by Greg Daniels. The name of the town is based on the song “Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohn.

The members of Whoville’s main street gang were inspired by real-life street gangs from Daniels’ hometown of Flint, Michigan. The Abominable Snowman was inspired by an ice cream man that Daniels used to see in downtown Flint.

The Village People were also an inspiration for the town’s disco club, which was modeled after a nightclub that Daniels frequented as a teenager.

Olaf the Snowman

Olaf the Snowman is a friendly snowman who resided in Whoville with his wife, Anna, and kids, Elsa and Kristoff. Olaf was known for his love of singing, dancing, and making friends. In Disney’s 2013 movie Frozen, Olaf played a pivotal role as the adoptive father of Elsa and Kristoff. Here’s a look at each character in the movie Frozen and their backstory:

Elsa: Elsa is the princess of Arendelle and she is known for her ice powers. In the movie Frozen, Elsa accidentally creates an eternal winter within her kingdom after she unintentionally harms her sister, Anna. To save her kingdom from permanent winter, Elsa must learn to control her ice powers.

Anna: Anna is the princess of Arendelle and she is known for her bravery. In the movie Frozen, Anna helps save her sister from an eternal winter by teaching Elsa how to control her ice powers. Anna also sacrifices herself so thatElsa can escape from the castle during their coronation ceremony.

Kristoff: Kristoff is a reindeer who works as a sleigh driver for King Agnarr of Arendelle. When he meets Anna andElsa while delivering goods to the palace, he befriends them and eventually becomes their friend along with Olaf. During the events of Frozen,Kristoff helps guide Anna and Elsa back to Arendelle after they have been banished from their home by King Agnarr.


The Doctor

The Doctor is a time traveler who has starred in many science fiction and fantasy franchises over the years. He’s known for his eccentricity, sense of humor, and deep knowledge of history.

His first appearance was in the 1963 TV series “Doctor Who.” The show was created by Sydney Newman and produced by Verity Lambert. The show ran for six seasons with William Hartnell as the Doctor. After Hartnell’s death, Patrick Troughton took on the role for two seasons. Jon Pertwee replaced Troughton for three seasons before Tom Baker took over for four seasons. Baker was followed by Colin Baker for three seasons, before Sylvester McCoy took on the role from 1981 to 1984. McCoy was replaced by Paul McGann for two seasons before David Tennant became the 11th Doctor in 2005. Tennant left in 2009 after just one season, and Matt Smith joined the cast in 2010 and stayed until 2013. Smith was followed by Peter Capaldi who debuted in 2014 and will end his tenure with Season 10 airing this Christmas 2017

Mrs. Kapp

Mrs. Kapp is a kind, gentle woman who loves to bake pies. She is the matron of the Whoville community and always has time for her neighbors. Mrs. Kapp is very supportive of anyone in need, and she is always there to lend a listening ear.

One day, Mrs. Kapp was baking a pie for sale when she heard a knock at her door. She opened it to find a small boy crying out for help. The boy had been lost in the forest, and he was starving! Mrs. Kapp quickly cooked him dinner and gave him a bed for the night, then she went back to baking her pies.

The next day, Mrs. Kapp heard another knock on her door. This time, it was an adult woman who was also lost in the forest. Mrs. Kapp welcomed her into her home and fed her dinner as well. The two women talked until late into the night, sharing stories and experiences from their pasts.

The next day, Mrs. Kapp heard yet another knock on her door…this time it was a group of children who were also lost in the forest! Again, she welcomed them into her home and fed them dinner before putting them to bed for the night.

The next morning, Mrs. Kapp found herself awakened by yet another knock on her door…this time it was a large group of animals! They too were lost in the forest, and they

Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket is a small, but essential character in the Disney movie, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” He is a cricket who helps Jack Skellington during the course of the movie. Jiminy Cricket is voiced by Paul Reubens, who also played Pee-wee Herman in “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.”

Jiminy Cricket was created by director and screenwriter Tim Burton as an homage to his childhood friend, Roger Corman. Burton and Corman had collaborated on several low-budget horror movies in the 1970s, including “The Campfire Girls” and “Pet Sematary.” In an interview with Empire magazine, Burton recalled how Corman came up with the idea for Jiminy Cricket: “Roger called me up one day and said he had this great character—a cricket—who would appear in one scene and then disappear. I thought it was great. I loved the way he could disappear into nothingness.”

Burton cast Reubens in the role of Jiminy Cricket after seeing him performing at a comedy club. Reubens insisted on doing his own voice for the character, which required extensive recording sessions. The result was a quirky and lovable performance that has become synonymous with Jiminy Cricket.

In addition to his appearances in “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” Jiminy Cricket has made appearances in other Tim Burton films, including “Edward Scissorhands,” “Batman,” and ” Corpse Bride .” He also

The Grinch

The Grinch is one of Whoville’s most recognizable residents. He is a mean, surly creature who despises Christmas and everything associated with it. But what is his backstory?

The Grinch was born in the town of Whoville on Christmas day. As a child, he loved all the festivities and happiness that came along with the holiday season. But as he grew older, his feelings changed. He began to resent everyone and everything around him because he couldn’t enjoy the holiday himself.

One day, while out walking in the woods near Whoville, The Grinch came across a Christmas tree. It was unlike any other he had ever seen before – it was decorated with lights and presents! Immediately, The Grinch became filled with envy and rage. He refused to have anything to do with the festivities surrounding Christmas anymore – he would rather be alone in his dark cave than be surrounded by people who were happy without him.

Since then, The Grinch has made it his personal mission to ruin Christmas for everyone in Whoville. He sneaks up on them during their celebrations and steals their presents, ruining their holiday joys once again. But despite his hatred of Christmas, The Grinch does have one friend in Whoville – a young girl named Cindy Lou Who who helps him steal away some of the Presents for herself so she can keep them as memories of her childhood…


As you may know, Whoville is a delightful place where everything is always happy and cheerful. But how did it come to be? And who are the characters that live there? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at each of the Whoville characters and explore their backstory. From Grinch to Mayor McCheese, we’ll learn all about these lovable residents of Whoville and the reasons why they make us smile every day.