If you’ve seen the new Netflix series “The Duke,” you know that the titular character embarks on a journey of self-discovery as he mines for gold in the forest. But what does he find? In this article, we dive into some of the spoiler-filled details of the show to examine what the Duke picked up something in the forest — and why it matters. Read on to find out how this discovery completely changes his life, and ultimately gives him a better understanding of himself and his place in the world.

What happened in the forest?

When the duke went into the forest, he found a dead body. He also found a knife nearby. It is unclear what happened, but it seems that someone killed the person and then left the body there.

Why did the Duke pick up something?

The Duke, being the protagonist of the story, is on a journey to find the fabled lost city of Zumzum. He stops in a forest to rest and finds a stone with strange writing on it. Picking up the stone, he feels compelled to take it with him on his journey.

As he travels, he has many encounters with danger and mystery. The stone seems to be guiding him, helping him find his way. Eventually, he reaches the lost city and learns its secrets.

The Duke picked up the stone because it was calling to him. It was a sign that he was meant to find the lost city and learn its secrets.

What could the Duke have picked up?

In the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, titled “The Duke,” viewers were left wondering what exactly the duke picked up in the forest. Now, there are many theories floating around as to what this could be, but we’re going to break down the most likely possibilities.

The first possibility is that the Duke picked up a weapon of some sort. This would make sense, as he is seen holding it in his hand when he returns to Cersei. It’s possible that he found a Valyrian steel sword, which would be extremely valuable and could help turn the tide of the war.

Another possibility is that he picked up one of the white Walker’s swords. This would be a huge game changer, as it would mean that Cersei now has access to one of their weapons. This could potentially help her win the war, as she would be able to use it against Jon Snow and his allies.

The last possibility is that he simply picked up a piece of dragged from one of the dead bodies in the forest. This seems less likely than the other two options, but it’s still a possibility.

So, what do you think? What did the Duke pick up in the forest?

How will this affect the story?

The duke’s decision to pick up the object in the forest will have a large impact on the story. It is possible that this object will be very important to the duke and could help him in his quest. However, it is also possible that the duke will be captured by the enemy because of this decision. Only time will tell how this choice will affect the story.


In conclusion, the Duke’s encounter in the forest is a mysterious one that leads to many questions and speculations. It leaves readers with an intriguing plot twist as they ponder what could be in store for him next. With such a great story full of suspense, it’s no wonder this book has been so popular among fans! We can’t wait to see what happens next when the Duke discovers whatever he picked up in the forest.