It’s been almost two weeks since the highly anticipated release of the Netflix movie “The Duke,” and people are still talking about it. One conversation that seems to be circulating around social media is the plot twist involving something that a character picks up in the forest. If you’re on Twitter or other platforms, you might have seen posts that say ‘the duke picked up something in the forest spoiler.’ So what exactly is this thing he picked up? Read on to find out more about this mysterious plot twist and what it could mean for the movie.

How did readers react to the twist?

When the blog article “The Duke Picked Up Something In The Forest Spoiler? Breaking Down the Plot Twist” was published, readers reacted with surprise and excitement to the twist ending. Many commented on how they didn’t see it coming, and praised the author for writing a well-crafted mystery. Some readers were confused by the twist, and re-read the article to try and understand it better. Overall, readers seemed to enjoy the unexpected ending and found it to be a satisfying conclusion to the story.


If you’ve seen the movie The Duke, then you know it’s a wild ride full of unexpected twists and turns. One of the most talked about plot twists comes at the end when Duke (played by Liam Hemsworth) finds something in the forest that completely changes the course of the story. But what exactly did Duke find? And why is this twist so important to the film? In this blog post, we’ll be breaking down the ending of The Duke and delving into what it really means for our protagonist. By discussing key elements of the plot twist, we’ll get a better understanding of how this crucial moment affects Duke and his journey as a whole. So grab your popcorn and let’s dive into this spoiler-filled discussion!

What Happened in the Forest?

When the Duke (played by Mark Strong) goes into the forest to retrieve the body of his dead son, he finds a strange creature lurking there. This creature is revealed to be a wendigo, a mythical beast that lives off human flesh. The Duke kills the wendigo and brings its body back to the castle, where he shows it to his wife (played by Gemma Arterton). She is horrified by what her husband has done and demands that he get rid of the body. The Duke then takes the wendigo’s body to a nearby village and leaves it there for the villagers to deal with.

Theories on What the Duke Picked Up

There are several theories on what the Duke picked up in the forest. The most popular theory is that he picked up a piece of the true cross. This theory is based on the fact that the Duke was seen kneeling in the forest and picking up a small object.Another theory is that he picked up a ring belonging to King Arthur. This theory is based on the fact that the Duke was wearing a ring when he came out of the forest, and it is believed to be the same ring that Arthur wore.

Why the Twist Matters

The twist in “The Duke Picked Up Something In The Forest” is important for a number of reasons. First, it changes the focus of the story from the Duke’s search for the lost city to his interactions with the forest spirits. This shift allows the story to explore themes of faith, trust, and communication with nature. Additionally, the twist provides a sense of closure to the Duke’s arc and helps to tie up some of the loose ends in the story. Finally, the twist gives readers a new perspective on the Duke and his quest, providing a more nuanced understanding of his character.

The Duke Picked Up Something In The Forest Spoiler

We all know that feeling when a plot twist is coming. Our hearts start to race, our palms sweat, and we can’t look away from the page or screen. We just need to know what happens next. And then, when the big reveal finally comes, it’s either immensely satisfying or hugely disappointing.

The Duke Picked Up Something In The Forest Spoiler is one of those moments.

In case you haven’t read the book or seen the film adaptation yet, stop reading now! Although, if you have seen the movie and want to read about how the plot twist was handled on-screen, then please continue.

For those who are still here, let’s take a closer look at that final scene in the forest. When Duke (played by Daniel Craig) goes to pick up something he finds on the ground, we as an audience are expecting him to find a dead body or perhaps a weapon. Instead, he finds a small black rock. It’s not until later that we realize this rock is actually an alien life form that has been controlling Duke throughout the film.

While some might see this as a cop-out ending, I think it’s actually quite clever. It gives us just enough information to understand what’s going on without being too heavy-handed with the exposition. Plus, it allows for some interesting speculation about what could happen next. Perhaps Duke will now be able to control other people with his mind? Only time will tell…


The Duke’s discovery in the forest was a shocking twist that caught many viewers by surprise. It showed us just how unpredictable and compelling this story could be, as well as giving us some insight into the Duke’s character. While we may not have seen what it was he picked up in the forest yet, we can expect plenty more exciting revelations in the coming episodes of ‘The Duke.’ We look forward to seeing what else this thrilling series has to offer!