Sonic 2 123movies is a milestone in video game history, and for good reason. It was the first Sonic title to feature a story mode, and it introduced some of the series’ most iconic characters. It also has one of the best music scores of all time, courtesy of Sonic Team composer Kenichi Matsubara. If you’re a fan of video games or classic rock music, then you owe it to yourself to check out Sonic 2. In this blog post, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to watch Sonic 2 online for free using 123Movies. 123Movies is an award-winning streaming service that offers a wide range of movie options, including classics like Sonic 2.

What is Sonic 2 and how does it work?

Sonic 2 is a platform game released on the Sega Mega Drive in 1991. It is the second installment of the Sonic series, and was developed and published by Sonic Team. It follows the adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog as he travels to different locations to stop Dr. Robotnik, his arch-nemesis, from building a robotic world empire. Sonic 2 is one of the most popular video games ever made, with over 15 million copies sold worldwide.

To play Sonic 2, players must maneuver Sonic through levels filled with obstacles and enemies in order to reach the end. The player can run, jump, and spin around using their various abilities to defend themselves against enemies and reach treasure chests that contain power-ups such as extra lives or rings. In addition to traditional sidescrolling levels, there are also 3D sections where Sonic must navigate platforms hovering above water or hidden within treacherous volcanic landscapes.

Sonic 2 features several unique gameplay elements that have since become staples of the platforming genre. These include Amy Rose’s inclusion as a playable character; a time trial mode; and power-ups that can be used to either help or hinder Sonic’s progress. These additions helped make Sonic 2 one of the most popular video games ever made, with subsequent releases in the series often incorporating similar features into their own games.

How to download and play Sonic 2 on your computer

If you own a computer and Sonic 2, there’s no need to buy any additional software – you can just download the game and play it! Here’s how:

1. Go to and login if you aren’t already logged in. If you are already logged in, click on the “My Account” link at the top of the homepage.

2. On the “My Account” screen, under “Games & Software,” click on the “Downloadable Games” link.

3. On the Downloadable Games page, locate and select Sonic 2 (Mega Drive). Click on the blue download button to start downloading the game file.

4. Once the game file has been downloaded, double-click on it to open it up in your computer’s default player (Windows) or software (Mac). If this is your first time playing Sonic 2, you will need to create an account at before proceeding – this will allow you to save your progress and track your statistics across multiple devices (PCs, Macs, etc.). After creating an account, return to this article and follow these instructions: In Windows 10 Windows 8/8.1 Windows 7/Vista: Open Sonic 2 by double-clicking on its icon . In MacOS: Open iTunes then locate and

How to play Sonic 2 on an emulator

If you’ve never played Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on an emulator before, now is the time to do so. There are many great emulators available, and most of them are free to download. There’s even an Android app called Sonic Retro that lets you play classic Sonic games on your phone or tablet. Here’s how to play Sonic 2 on an emulator: 1. Download the appropriate emulator for your device.

Sonic Retro is available for both Android and iOS devices.

2. Start the emulator and switch to the “Sonic 2” game mode.

3. Load your ROM (a copy of the game that you’ll be playing) and press start.

4. Watch as Sonic runs through a variety of colorful landscapes! If you run into any trouble, don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comments section below or on our forums page. Thanks for reading!

How to play Sonic 2 on a phone or tablet

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is now available on Android and iOS devices! This classic game was released in September 2006 for the Sega Genesis. The levels are exactly the same as the original, but with new graphics and sounds. You can play as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles.


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