Screen Doors

Why have traditional sliding screen doors when you can have screen doors with magnets? It may seem like a simple adjustment, but a magnetic screen door can go a long way. This is especially true for those outdoor grilling sessions and backyard barbecues! An everlasting comfort magnetic screen door offers a foolproof solution to the everyday hassle that comes with a traditional sliding door, such as letting flies in, weak material that breaks easily, and having to let your pets in and out every time they want to go outside. Not to mention it is easy to install in just a couple of minutes! 

The bottom line is that with a magnetic screen door, you can trust that every grilling session will run smoothly. So you can enjoy your dinner with family and friends no matter the occasion. 

What Is an Everlasting Comfort Magnetic Screen Door? 

An everlasting comfort magnetic screen door is an excellent and convenient replacement for your typical sliding screen door. Opening a classic sliding door can be a hassle, as you either need to leave it open or put down your belongings to go in and out with supplies. On the other hand, screen doors with magnets are designed to take this pain out of the equation. 

Magnetic screen doors are made with durable mesh curtain panels that fit perfectly into almost all door frames. The mesh curtains are split down the middle and held effortlessly together by a weighted magnetic strip in the center. The magnets create an automatic closure so you can walk through your door without having to open or close it with your hands. The two mesh panels attach to the door frame and attach to each other thanks to the convenient magnetic closure in the center. As a result, you can pass through the magnetic screen door hands-free. This is especially useful for grilling, as you will be walking in and out of the backyard with your hands full. 

What Are the Benefits of a Magnetic Screen Door? 

Now you know what a door screen magnetic closure is, but how can it help you take your next grilling session to the next level? There are a variety of ways that a magnetic screen door can elevate your grilling experience at home. 

  • Offers Hands-Free Entry and Exits: With an everlasting comfort screen door you can walk into and out of your backyard and home with your hands full. Since you don’t need your hands to open and close the screen door, you can carry all your grilling essentials with ease – meat platters, buns, chips, grilling supplies, plates, drinks, you name it! 
  • Kid-Friendly Access: Having a family barbecue or a neighborhood cookout? Make it run smoothly for the entire crew thanks to a screen door with a magnetic closure. Kids will be able to run in and out without worrying about running into the screen door or reaching the opening handle. 
  • A Great Option for Family Pets: If there’s delicious-smelling food outside, chances are your pup will be there waiting for leftovers! A retractable screen door is an excellent tool for letting your pets in and out of your house with ease. Thanks to the hands-free design, any furry friend can happily walk through the magnetic screen door without scratching or barking for help. 
    • Keep bugs out of your home and away from the food: Until your food is ready to be served, you can easily put the finished products inside. You will likely be making a few trips back and forth as the meat and sides continue to cook, but you won’t have to worry about leaving the door open and letting unwanted pests in with a magnetic screen door that closes automatically behind you.
  • Works Well for Year-Round Use: Whether you’re throwing a summer party or a backyard cookout for the holidays, a magnetic screen door is a perfect asset to enhance your home. It works great no matter what season it is, so you can walk freely in and out of your home without hassle. 

Install an Everlasting Comfort Magnetic Screen Door Today

Are you ready to upgrade your home for summer with a convenient magnetic screen door? If easy installment and hands-free access for every grilling session sound good to you, then it may be time to snag an everlasting comfort screen door for yourself. Walking in and out of your backyard has never been so simple, which is something the entire family can benefit from. (Yes, including your pets!) So, what are you waiting for? Elevate every grilling experience and shop for an everlasting comfort magnetic screen door now.