How to Register or Login at pearDeck

If you’re already a member at pearDeck, register or login to access your account faster and easier. If you’re not yet an existing member of the new app, it’s easy to create one in just a few clicks. Your email is your user name at pearDeck – so make sure to register with an email that is not only valid but also accessible from your mobile device. Once you have logged into your account, you will be able to see all the details about your membership and enjoy the benefits of being part of the club. If you are accessing this blog for the first time and want to join pearDeck, click here . Keep reading this article for help registering or logging in:


How to register or login at PaedDeck

There are two ways to login or register at pearDeck – either through your computer or through the app. – For computer users, visit the website and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button to start your account creation process. – For mobile device users, download the app from the iTunes store and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your account creation. You will first be asked to choose a user name and password. Make sure that your user name is very easy to remember so that you can login easily whenever you want to check your account details. Also, remember to change the password after you log in to the app for the first time.


Step 1: Download the app from the iTunes store

The first step to log in to the app is to download it from the App Store and install it on your mobile device. Once you’ve installed the app, launch it and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your account creation process.


Step 2: Enter your basic profile details

After you’ve completed downloading the app, proceed to login to your account by entering your user name and password. After logging in, you will be directed to enter your basic profile details to complete account creation process.


Step 3: Confirm your email address and password

After you’ve entered your basic profile details, you will be asked to confirm your email address and password. Confirm these details to complete your account creation process.


Step 4: That’s it! You’re now a proud member of pearDeck

Congratulations, you have completed the entire account creation process and become a proud member of pearDeck login. From now onwards, you can login to your account directly through the app. You can view all the details about your membership and enjoy all the benefits of being part of the club.



That’s all there is to it. With pearDeck, you can enjoy a world of benefits and make your life easier. From booking tickets to ordering food and booking hotels, you can now do everything from your mobile device.

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