Caroline Stanbury And Cem Habib: How Divorce Has Brought Them Closer Than Ever

When Caroline Stanbury and Cem Habib married in 2002, it was the start of a beautiful, 12-year journey. But after seven years of marriage, they decided to separate. Despite the divorce, the two stayed close friends and business partners. Now with Cem Habib’s new venture, Big Gin & Coffee Co., they are closer than ever—proving that sometimes a break can bring two people closer together than ever before. In this blog post, we will explore how Caroline Stanbury and Cem Habib’s divorce has brought them closer than ever before. We will talk about how their friendship has endured the test of time, how Cem’s business decisions have affected both of their lives, and how the couple is now in a place where both are thriving despite going through an amicable split.

Caroline Stanbury and Cem Habib’s story

Caroline Stanbury and Cem Habib have been through a lot together. They met in college and soon married, but their relationship was far from perfect. After years of ups and downs, they divorced in 2016.

But even though their marriage didn’t work out, Caroline and Cem are still close friends. In fact, they say that divorce has brought them closer than ever.

“We’re like brother and sister now,” Caroline said in an interview with the Daily Mail. “We laugh about the things we used to fight about.”

Cem agreed, saying that he and Caroline are “closer than ever” after their divorce. “We have a much better relationship now,” he said. “I can’t imagine not being friends with her.”

How divorce has brought them closer than ever

Caroline Stanbury and Cem Habib were married for six years before they divorced. And while it may seem like their relationship would be strained after going through such a major life change, the opposite is true. If anything, divorce has brought them closer than ever.

“We’re best friends,” Caroline said of her ex-husband in a recent interview. “We have an amazing relationship. We’re very honest with each other. We communicate really well.”

It’s clear that these two have a lot of respect for one another, which has helped them maintain a strong relationship post-divorce. And while they’re not together romantically anymore, they’re still very much a team when it comes to raising their three children.

“Our priority is our kids,” Cem said. “They come first in everything we do.”

It’s clear that Caroline and Cem are proof that divorce doesn’t have to mean the end of a relationship. If anything, it can be the beginning of a new and even stronger friendship.

What they’ve learned from their experience

Caroline Stanbury and Cem Habib divorced after 10 years of marriage, but they say the experience has only brought them closer together. In an interview with Redbook magazine, the pair opened up about what they’ve learned from their divorce and how it’s helped them become better friends.

“We’ve learned that we can survive anything,” Caroline said. “We’ve been through so much together, and we’re still standing. That’s a testament to our friendship.”

Cem added that the divorce has made him realize how strong their relationship is. “We have a lot of love for each other,” he said. “Just because our marriage didn’t work out doesn’t mean we don’t care about each other deeply.”

The couple says they’re now better able to support each other through tough times because they know firsthand how hard divorce can be. “We can be there for each other in a way that no one else can,” Caroline said. “It’s a bond that not many people understand.”

How to deal with divorce

It is no secret that divorce can be tough on everyone involved. Caroline Stanbury and her husband, Cem Habib, have opened up about how they have dealt with their own divorce and how it has actually brought them closer together than ever.

Here are some tips from Caroline and Cem on how to deal with divorce:

1. Talk about what you are going through: It is important to communicate with your spouse about what you are feeling and going through during a divorce. This will not only help you to understand each other better but also support each other during this difficult time.

2. Seek professional help: If you are finding it difficult to cope with the emotional aspects of divorce, it may be beneficial to seek professional help. A therapist can provide you with support and guidance as you navigate this difficult time.

3. Lean on your friends and family: Friends and family can be a great source of support during a divorce. Lean on them for advice, comfort, and understanding.

4. Give yourself time to grieve: Divorce can be viewed as a type of loss, so it is important to give yourself time to grieve at the end of your marriage. Allow yourself to feel whatever emotions come up, whether it be sadness, anger, or relief.

5. Take care of yourself: During a divorce, it is important to take care of yourself emotionally and physically. Make sure to schedule in time for activities that