Amusing Deez Nuts Jokes: The expression “Deez Nuts” is one of the most hummed words for the residents of America. Interestingly, “Days Nuts” was featured on Dr. Dre’s 1992 album “The Chronic”. He actually said “Deeez Nuuuts” in the collection. After the collection, the expression first gained global attention. By 1993, the description of Diez Nuts began to appear in the lyrics. After a while, people failed to remember him, yet his pattern rose again in 2015, when an Instagram user, welvendgreat, posted a video of him using a telephone. Made a Deez Nuts Quip to your partner. Within days, the man turned into a viral web sensation. That expression broke every record around the same time Dez Nuts became a contender for the US presidential election. As a matter of fact, there was a high schooler behind the name. After Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Days Nut received the most votes in the US presidential election.


The incident inspired people to create a whole slew of Dez Nuts jokes, memes, and puns.


Here we’ve collected 99 of the best and most hilarious Dizzy Nuts jokes, which will likely make you laugh until tears start rolling down your eyes.


Incredibly Funny Dies Nuts Joke Ideas


  1. Teacher: I am giving you D in all your subjects.

Understudy: Well, I’m going to give you a D the same way.

Instructor: What do you mean?

Understudy: Dies nuts!


Very Funny Days Nuts Joke Ideas

  1. Hi, I heard you really love Dee.

D Who?

Dies are nuts!

Also, I thought it was D from Dexter’s Laboratory!


  1. Do you know Landon?

Landon who?

Walks, Fall and Landon Days are nuts!

watch out! You will have zero desire to reach for anyone’s nuts!


  1. You want to shut up before you end up like Kane.

Ken who?

Will diez nuts fit in your mouth?

Unlucky Ken! I don’t want to end up like that!


  1. Hello, would you say you are a beast or a beast?

I am dry/hungry.

You can take some of the dice nuts.

I don’t need nuts. I need to hydrate!


Dez Nuts Jokes.


Sorry for putting these nuts in your mouth.


You want a break. A break from Diez Nuts.


Do you know Landon?! The trip falls and Landon dies at the Nuts!


Imagine a day where you see DEEZ NUTS right in front of you


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The best jokes from Days Nuts.


  1. What did the wind share with the palm tree? Clutch your nuts this is not standard sex love. – Anonymous


  1. Excuse me, do you like pudding?

– Of course, of course.

Well how about Pudding Days nuts in your mouth?


  1. A pirate strolls into a bar with a directing wheel attached to his d**. The bartender asks him what’s a good reason and the pirate says: Ugh, it’s making me loco. – Zen


  1. What caused the squirrel to backstroke? He needed to keep his nuts dry. – Anonymous


  1. You young lady… do you like squirrels, because I’m going to screw you up. – Anonymous


  1. “Honeys are like ‘meth’; I’m like ‘what.’

“We need some free CDs”; I “see dez nuts!”


  1. Enjoy some time choking on Dieznuts.


  1. Do you like Megamind? Because I want to believe you don’t mega-mind me into putting diez nuts in yo mouth.




Great Deez Nuts Jokes.


  1. Have you found out about my partner Willia? Because…

Willia Dez is sucking Gotham.


  1. Spouse: Do you understand what will satisfy me? Wendy!

Me: When you have a die on your jaw?!?


  1. What is the number one web-based image of Mr. Peanut?

Dies Nuts!

Ha! EEM found!


Great Days Nuts Jokes.

  1. What kind of nuts get terrible grades?

Dies Nuts


  1. “Hi, man you say you’re leaving? Leaving what? Leaving nuts in your mouth”.


  1. “Ask someone “Would you like to see BofA?” They reply “Okay?” Then you, at that point say “BofA Deeeeeez Nuts”! Then it’s up to you if you want to see BofA. Respect their request to see. In fact.”


Days Nuts Funny Jokes.


Bufa Daze Nuts Jokes.


  1. “Honeys are like ‘meth’; I’m like ‘what’.”

“We need some free CDs”; I “see dez nuts!”


  1. Me: Do you like sarcasm?

Wounded: Oh… sometimes no doubt.

Me: Well how would you like a pair of Dez Nuts Anya mouths?!


  1. “Hello, do you need some tapes and CDs?”

“How am I going to manage this?”

“You can tape my dick to your forehead so you can see the nits!


  1. I bought a sheep at the weekend. (What’s up?) A Guzle Dies Nuts!


  1. What did one nut tell another nut?

A: Candice Deez Nuts fit in my mouth.


  1. So you’ll be a goblin for Halloween?



  1. Do you remember that person Willia?

Willia who?

Willia put these nuts on your jaw.


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Dez Nuts funny joke to make you smart


  1. Excuse me, do you still do it?

Bufa? I have to strongly disagree?

Buffa Dies Nuts!


  1. Have you met my colleague Philip?

Philip Who?

Flip on Dies Nuts.


  1. Do you have at least some idea who is coming to our party later?

There is no doubt that D.

D Who?

Dies nuts.


Fun Daze Nuts Jokes to make you funny

  1. Do you like Vanessa Paradis?


How about a pair of dies nuts?


  1. Have you caught the news in Kenya today?

No, tell me more.

All things considered, the Kenya fits the die-in-your-mouth nuts.


  1. Have you met my colleague Philip?

Philip Who?

Flip on Days Nuts.


  1. Do you lean toward the Yankees or the Expos?

Exhibitions deez nuts!

Or again

Yank on diez nuts!


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