In a time when we are surrounded by uncertainty and locked up inside our homes, away from our kin, social media has turned out to be the raging mode of connection. Social media can offer everything from exploring the world at the click of a button to chatting with your friend about disastrous fashion collaborations. ( has the best guides and how-to tutorials about everything related to tech. Accessing the desktop version of Facebook got a lot easier with our detailed how-to guide. Read it if you wish to run Facebook’s web version on your android smartphone. Let’s look at six social media apps trending in 2021:

  1. Tiktok

From weird trends, dance crazes to controversial engagement, Tiktok has seen

it all. It is the fastest growing app with an already large user base and is

aggressively spreading to the western markets from Asia. Influencers are

rushing to ride on the Tiktok wave. Its format of making 60 seconds videos with

an amazing array of filters, and the latest tracks are easy to understand. It allows regular users to create content several times a day. The only hiccup Tiktok has had is being banned in countries like India due to privacy concerns and competition from competitors like Instagram reels. The best features of Tik Tok include – A simple concept and interface, AI-supported editing features, and a multi-language music library. A good growth over the past two years is

expected to continue into 2021.

  1. Telegram

Over the past few years, with major privacy scandals by big tech companies emerging, privacy has become one of the most important factors users consider while choosing social media apps to use. WhatsApp, the industry leader in messaging, has seen many users shift to other apps citing privacy concerns. A good amount of this user base has moved to Telegram, an app that claims to take its user’s privacy very seriously. From a business point of view, Telegram’s features like brand chatbots and channels to send messages to multiple users at once are also optimum. As the governments and users worldwide become more privacy-conscious, Telegram is only expected to grow faster!

  1. Reddit

Suppose you are looking for knowledge on the most obscure topics in the world or

discussing a certain gaming console or meme with numerous like-minded people all within a community. In that case, Reddit is the app you are looking for.

With a smart design for both mobile and desktop users, this social media platform is home to an intelligent community of people who get to discuss a topic using chat, pictures, and videos in a moderated forum. The platform has dedicated forums for various topics called “Subreddits” with

multiple forms of engagement and a heightened sense of community. Here is a list of Must-Follow subreddits on Reddit. The subreddits can range from common ones like r/memes to uncanny ones like r/peoplewithbirdheads. The oddball platform Reddit has found its way into the pop culture, being referenced in shows like Brooklyn nine-nine and is here to


  1. Instagram

If there is a platform that would never drop out of the top 6, It would be Instagram! Such is the platform’s popularity that it started entire new industries like influencers and redefined the whole concept of digital marketing.

Whether through their incredibly easy-to-understand mobile interface or the effective concept they had in the first place, Instagram has an unbelievable grip on the market. Launched at first as a photo-sharing app, Instagram now lets you create and share different content like photos, videos, stories, and live videos. To grapple with the dominance of YouTube, Instagram released

Their long video format IGTV launched Reels to counter Tik Tok and has been successful in both their endeavors. Instagram has also delved into the business world by providing data analytics on user engagement on business accounts. Instagram still has to resolve the political bullying, privacy issues, adult content, and bots plaguing the platform. Still, if you want to promote your

business, post reels about the latest trend or want to follow your favorite

celebs, Instagram is the place to be!

  1. YouTube 

Video content is an ever-growing market, with more and more people consuming content at an ever-growing pace. YouTube has grown exponentially in the Asian and African markets due to good quality content available for free. Moreover, YouTube has amazing content made by small creators to popular creators to companies like Apple and PlayStation. YouTube has given us several celebrities like PewDiePie, Mr. Beast, and Dream, who have risen directly from the platform and have become brands in themselves. More and more companies are looking at promoting their products on YouTube to attract new demographics. Companies often partner with the content creators for direct product placement, or they can partner with YouTube directly. Hence YouTube is Google’s second-largest search engine and advertiser, cementing its top ranks.

Due to the pandemic, more and more people have the chance to sit at home and consume content, which has increased YouTube’s popularity and has allowed it to engage with its audience. YouTube has released several new services like YouTube Premium, YouTube Music, and YouTube fan fest to give its users a sense of ecosystem and community.

  1. LinkedIn 

The arrival of LinkedIn changed the business landscape forever as the tedious task of finding employment and internships became a piece of cake. LinkedIn helps its users to create a virtual CV by listing down all their accomplishments and then helps them connect to possible employers. However, the simple concept struck a chord with the users as LinkedIn created an ecosystem by bringing potential employees and employers on the same platform. In 2020, due to the global pandemic, business networking changed as we know it. Moreover, everything went virtual, allowing LinkedIn to get even a tighter grip on the market as they added a new member every 2 seconds. They even introduced LinkedIn learning to enable the users to gain new skills while trying to find employment. In 2021, LinkedIn would further try to bridge the faults in its system and further increase its dominance in years to come.

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